Stagecoach Vineyard

Pritchard Hill Region, Napa Valley

Stagecoach Vineyard is the largest contiguous vineyard in the Napa Valley spanning multiple AVAs, and four distinct regions. With planting started in 1995, Jan Krupp has removed billions of pounds of volcanic rock.  Heavy mining equipment is used to prepare the soil before planting.  There are behemoth dump trucks that have lived and died on the property inspiring the name “Broken Axle.”

Our blocks of Syrah (Alban clone) and Grenache (Alban clone) are located in the Pritchard Hill region of the property at 1500’ elevation.  The soils are red Hambright complexes and with Guenoc outcroppings.  Dynamite was used to clear this well-exposed southwest slope.  The soils are de-vigorating to the vines due to great drainage and sparse nutrients.  The vines produce light crops of extremely small black berries transforming into intense, powerful wines.

Regional Map