We have carefully selected unique vineyard sites throughout Northern California with soils and climate ideal for growing amazing Rhône varietals.  Kale works closely with our growers to perfect viticultural practices. All vineyards are farmed sustainably.  

Rhône blends exhibit some of the most compelling expressions of terroir available. The varieties are known to do completely different things in different places.

Alder Springs Vineyard - Spirit Rock

Mendocino County

On the hilly 6,000-acre Alder Springs Ranch in far northern Mendocino County, Stuart Bewley has been growing some of California's most outstanding wine grapes since 1993.  Bewley practices his patented brand of extremist viticulture on a patchwork of vineyards perched along the steep sandstone slopes of the Coast Range. The mountainous ranch is a decidedly challenging spot to cultivate grapes, but the results have been superb.

Spirit Rock is the highest elevation planting at Alder Springs Vineyard at 2700 feet.  The sparse soil contributes to intense exotic and structured Syrah.  The vines ripen one cluster per shoot, and the berries are extremely small and Pinot-like.  The fractured sandstone has excellent drainage, and the perennial cover crop further de-vigorates the vines.  There is a bear trap that sits atop the sloping vineyard because they are fond of this particular block.  Spirit Rock is so named due to large sandstone outcroppings due north of the block considered sacred to local tribes.  The vines are planted in the alluvium of the sacred rock.

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Hyde Vineyard

Carneros, Napa Valley

Hyde Vineyard is one of the gems of Napa Carneros. Planted in 1979 by Larry Hyde, forty-four distinct blocks are planted to primarily Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, with only a few coveted blocks planted to other varietals. The Syrah Noir Clone from Block 5 at the home ranch is planted North-South. Ancient sedimentary shallow loam drains well and allows the plants to dig deep roots, naturally balancing the vines with low yields and concentrated fruit. The Hyde Family is dedicated to growing the finest quality grapes and understands the connection between the land and those who work it.

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Kick Ranch Vineyard

Fountaingrove District, Sonoma County

Kick Ranch Vineyard is a hillside vineyard located in Sonoma County's newest AVA, Fountaingrove District.  Its soil is Pleasanton-Haire complex that has been deposited in an alluvial fan surrounding natural runoff from the Mayacama Mountains. Fantastic drainage has forced the plants to dig deep roots, naturally balancing the vines with low yields and concentrated fruit.  With a straight shot through the Petaluma wind gap, the cool maritime breezes balance the intense afternoon exposure.  This results in dark, ripe fruit with good acidity. 

Kick Ranch grows premium grapes for a select group of winemakers, whose wines are defined by effort, promise and optimism, like Kick Ranch itself.
— Dick Keenan

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McGah Vineyard

Rutherford, Napa Valley

McGah Family Vineyards encompasses 65 acres in Rutherford near the Silverado Trail. Being on the east side of the valley, there is intense exposure that yields ripe and concentrated fruit. The area is hallowed ground for Cabernet Sauvignon and generally growers in the area are not interested in planting unexpected varieties for economic reasons, as Cabernet Sauvignon commands a much higher price. The McGah family is an exception to the norm, and we have collaborated together under a long-term contract to develop one acre of the Heritage Vineyard with special soil preparation, site-specific rootstock (St.George), and fantastic clones of Grenache (515, Tablas D) and Mourvédre in our rows. The block was redeveloped in 2011, and after much anticipation our acre produced a small crop in 2014. The vines are trained traditionally in the Gobelet Method, with tight spacing (4x8). It is slightly sloping benchland, so the soil is well drained with classic Rutherford red, dusty soil. McGah Family Vineyards celebrates the diversity of the Napa Valley.

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Somerston Vineyard

Napa Valley

The 1,615 acre Somerston Estate is located 10 miles east of the Silverado Trail, high in the eastern hills of the Napa Valley. The owner, Allan Chapman, and General Manager, Craig Becker, are committed to sustainable practices which are reflected throughout the property. The Grenache Blanc comes from Priest Ranch Block 6 at 1,250 feet elevation. It is important to note the scarcity of this varietal in California, and specifically the Napa Valley. With less than 30 tons harvested annually in the Napa Valley, we are fortunate to produce our inaugural Southern Rhône inspired white wine from this amazing property. 

For me, sustainability is not a marketing tool or gimmick; it is a way of life.
— Craig Becker

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stagecoach vineyard

Napa Valley

Stagecoach Vineyard is the largest contiguous vineyard in the Napa Valley spanning multiple AVAs, and four distinct regions. With planting started in 1995, billions of pounds of volcanic rock were removed.  Heavy mining equipment is used to prepare the soil before planting.  There are behemoth dump trucks that have lived and died on the property inspiring the name “Broken Axle.”

Our blocks of Syrah (Alban clone) and Grenache (Alban clone) are located on Pritchard Hill within the property at 1500’ elevation.  The soils are red Hambright complexes and with Guenoc outcroppings.  Dynamite was used to clear this well-exposed southwest slope.  The soils are de-vigorating to the vines due to great drainage and sparse nutrients.  The vines produce light crops of extremely small black berries transforming into intense, powerful wines.

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