Sonoma Cast Stone Concrete Egg

Kale Wines is one of the few wineries in the United States to use concrete for Rosé.  Kale sat on the panel to help Sonoma Cast Stone design their first egg.  

interesting Facts

·       Concrete eggs are an interesting mix of ancient and ultra-modern winemaking techniques, since the   first wines were actually fermented in pottery jars called amphorae.  The egg shape is a newer modification, which allows the wines inside to have a natural convection current as the carbon dioxide released during fermentation helps to naturally stir the wine.

·       While the wine is fermenting, the juice moves up the sides of the tank and down the center in a naturally occurring circulation, ensuring that all the juice ferments.  There are no corners where wine gets stuck.

·       Concrete is porous, the egg breathes, similar to a barrel and unlike stainless steel.

·       There is micro-oxygenation going on like a barrel, but not imparting any spice, the egg is much more neutral.

·       The egg preserves freshness.

·       The egg is temperature controlled (glycol coils).


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